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Ready for Harvest

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Three cats in the cat tree

All three of the boys were in the cat tree this afternoon, enjoying the sunbeam.

Scaffolding Box

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Dash is a Black Panther for Halloween

Dash helped me make costumes today. He likes sewing. For Halloween he is going to be a Black Panther -- the Oakland kind, not the jungle kind. Because The Man won't let him outside. (Because he's an indoor cat).

He's about to lose this box from the scaffolding. It's been a beloved play area for months, and he will be sad to see it go. But there will be other boxes.


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Mr Kitty and Dash in the cat tree

The earthquake woke them up.

Dog Days of Summer

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Goldie in a spectacular flump

It's been extra hot the last few days.

Mr Kitty and Dash stretched waaaay out on the bed

The animals are blossoming.

Nighttime Love Session

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Mr Kitty decided to groom Dash a little.

Mr Kitty and Dash

Just a little under the chin and some nibbling around the ears.

Mr Kitty and Dash

Dash put up with it like a man.

Mr Kitty and Dash

Even when the licking moved to his chest and paws.

Mr Kitty and Dash

Well, maybe not the paws so much.

Cat love


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Mr Kitty in the cat tree

Mr Kitty was enjoying the sunbeam on the low cat tree.

I woke him up

It's a very hard life.

Heavy Kittens

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Dash fell over trying to walk to me

Dash got up and started to walk towards me, but the power of the nap was too great.


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Dot and Mr Kitty in the sunbeam

Usually, it would be Dash up there with Mr Kitty, but sometimes he snuggles with Dot, too.

Big Kids

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The kittens are getting big.

Dot in a pile of tools

Dot really likes to help with home improvement projects. She loves being held in one arm while you work with the other, as inconvenient as that may be.

Dash is crazy

Dash is wilder, as he always has been. Doesn't like being picked up. But he does like pouncing, and any decent construction site has good pouncing potential.

Kitty Piles

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Since the kittens have been getting bigger, and also more cozy with Mr. Kitty (their relationship with Henry could best be described as stand-offish), there has been a lot of pile-up nap time in the afternoon.

Three kitties in the cat tree

It's pretty typical for the little ones to be wrapped around each other (they usually wrestle a little before falling asleep), with Mr. Kitty playing big brother.

Biiiig kitty stretch

I've never had kittens this young before, so I was not aware of how much they sleep (a lot). This is about as active as 2pm gets in this household.

Nap time

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