Ready for Harvest

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Three cats in the cat tree

All three of the boys were in the cat tree this afternoon, enjoying the sunbeam.

Scaffolding Box

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Dash is a Black Panther for Halloween

Dash helped me make costumes today. He likes sewing. For Halloween he is going to be a Black Panther -- the Oakland kind, not the jungle kind. Because The Man won't let him outside. (Because he's an indoor cat).

He's about to lose this box from the scaffolding. It's been a beloved play area for months, and he will be sad to see it go. But there will be other boxes.


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Mr Kitty and Dash in the cat tree

The earthquake woke them up.

Dog Days of Summer

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Goldie in a spectacular flump

It's been extra hot the last few days.

Mr Kitty and Dash stretched waaaay out on the bed

The animals are blossoming.

Nighttime Love Session

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Mr Kitty decided to groom Dash a little.

Mr Kitty and Dash

Just a little under the chin and some nibbling around the ears.

Mr Kitty and Dash

Dash put up with it like a man.

Mr Kitty and Dash

Even when the licking moved to his chest and paws.

Mr Kitty and Dash

Well, maybe not the paws so much.

Cat love


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Mr Kitty in the cat tree

Mr Kitty was enjoying the sunbeam on the low cat tree.

I woke him up

It's a very hard life.


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Rosie with a fava bean

People are always surprised to discover that our dogs love to eat fava beans (pods and all). My answer is that yes, they are purebred Labs.

Heavy Kittens

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Dash fell over trying to walk to me

Dash got up and started to walk towards me, but the power of the nap was too great.

Dog Beach Afternoon

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Over the weekend we went to San Diego. The American Library Association Midwinter Meeting was in town, and with it my parents. We took the opportunity to drive down and have a nice weekend at the beach.

The girls took the opportunity to do some dog-beach romping.

Running into the water at the dog beach

We went to Ocean Beach's dog beach, at the end of Voltaire St. This is where we went the last time we visited San Diego, before we got Goldie.

Rosie lounging in the surf

Rosie loves to lie down right in the surf.

Even Goldie got into the water

After a long day in the car driving down the state, even Goldie was a little crazy in the water.

Happy times with Goldie

Nothing like a nice cool dip in the ocean.

Running in the water

For the first ten minutes we were there, there was a lot of running around in the water.

Waves get Rosie

Rosie had an embarrassing moment when she was rolling in the sand and a big wave came in and got her.

A move secure rolling location

After she shook herself off, she moved to a more secure location to finish her roll.

Happy, sandy dog

The end result was one happy, sandy doggie.

Two tired dogs

We could tell we had older dogs now (they turned nine in the fall), because it wasn't long before they were tired and ready to go home.

At the Dog Wash

But they had a surprise in store. On the way back to the car, we stopped by the Dog Beach Dog Wash just down Voltaire St. to get cleaned up.

Getting washed off

The dog wash is super-nice. You pay $12 per dog, which includes the tub, aprons, some basic shampoo, and towels, then you can pay a little extra if you want premium shampoo or conditioner. We did standard shampoo, then upgraded Rosie with conditioner to bring out the curl in her fur.

It's a nice way to end a trip to the beach, especially when you have a dog who likes to swim, and even more especially when you have a dog who likes to roll in the sand.


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Dot and Mr Kitty in the sunbeam

Usually, it would be Dash up there with Mr Kitty, but sometimes he snuggles with Dot, too.

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