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Lying in the Dirt

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Goldie has a stick to chew on

Goldie and her stick

Rosie gave it to her from the brush pile in back.


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Today the girls got fancy new collars, because their old ones are stinky and gross.

New collars

Rosie got pink with white flowers, and Goldie got a blonde and blue stripe. They're feeling very feminine and fresh now (surprisingly, they were both really excited and happy about the new collars).


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Yesterday I caught an act of inter-species grooming on camera:

Ana grooms Rosie

Both animals have been fined and warned about future violations.

All Played Out

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After an exhausting morning of romping, the dogs collapsed. I love how wrinkly Goldie's chin is.

Goldie, socked out

Rosie has appropriated the bed under my desk. It is right by the toy bin.

Rosie asleep under the desk

But Goldie was not in the mood for toys. There was sleeping to do.

Abandoned toy

Cats on the Bed

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This afternoon the cats were hanging out on the bed together. Ana was being remarkably tolerant.

Simon and Ana

Simon was feeling very lovey. He really wanted to get right into the camera and drool.


Dogs and Holes

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I was digging a big hole today, and the girls had to be right there to observe and help out.

Here's where Rosie was sitting in the mud. Nice cute back paw prints.

Rosie's footprints

Rosie would walk into the hole as I dug and dig around a bit herself. Not so much to help, which would have been nice, but to arrange the sand to make a comfy bed.

Digging help

Also, sand smells really interesting.

Sandy nose

Mostly she lay in her carefully selected and prepared spot, watching while I dug around her.

Lying in the sand

Goldie was having none of that and lay just outside of my work zone, stretched out in the sun.

Dead Goldie

As my work progressed, I ended up with two dogs in my work area: Rosie in the hole, and Goldie on one of the piles I was building up.

Dogs in the mud

It's very hard being a dog when somebody puts wet sand in your favourite shady napping spot.

Hard being a dog