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Ana's been in a weird mood lately. First I caught her sleeping in the dog's crate, of all places (but she left before I could photograph her in the act), then I came downstairs this evening and found her licking John's weight set. I guess they were a bit salty or something:

Ana the perv

John's been turning the house upside down packing for his trip to Argentina. Four weeks of skiing and snow hiking (remember, it's winter there), blissfully far away from the chaos of the bedroom remodel. I have to admit that I'm looking forward to two weeks of enforced rest time on our road trip. Not that a straight-through drive from San Francisco to Maine is particularly restful, but comparatively speaking, of course.

It Was Bound to Happen


After days of eating drywall mud and sniffing paint, the dog has gone all weird on us.

First she greeted John by alternately jumping up and down (straight up and down: more a boing than a leap) in front of him and chasing her tail. It was all boing boing boing circle circle bite.

Then she insisted on following me up and down the stairs three times as I tried to hang a picture.

Now she's crashed out under Noel's desk, snoring.

Maybe she's pining for Simon.