July 2004 Archives

A Walk in the Park


I forgot it was Wednesday, and most importantly, the other Wednesday when the housekeepers descend upon Casa Decrepit like a mighty avenging army of cleaning angels and remove the fur and dust and grime of the previous two weeks.

So I was startled out of my shower by a loud knock.

Rather than stick around the house, I leashed up the dog and took her on a walk down the street to Littlejohn Park.

We sat on a bench (well, I sat on the bench; she sniffed around on the ground) and watched some Carniolan honeybees snuffling about in the clover, then both the dog and I were stunned to see a swarm of dragonflies appear. There were twenty or so of them, swooping and diving and hovering above the playing field.

We watched until they swarmed off, then walked the rest of the way around the park, stopping briefly to say hello to a man in a hole doing plumbing work.