September 2004 Archives



Well, I guess Simon has readjusted to being an indoor kitty.


Ana is still sleeping in the laundry or the dog bed in protest.

House of Yelling


So Simon is back. Which means that in the last 24 hours, the house has been filled with him yowling, or Ana yelling at him, or Rosie barking at both of them.

He was so much more pleasant last night after the dose of Valium that I gave him another one this evening, when the yelling resumed (because it was that or strangle him). He's wide awake, but the Valium really takes the edge off his anxieties.

And because Ana was also driving me nuts by following him around and being bitchy, I gave her some, too, for good measure. She kept us up all night yelling, so this should make for a nice, quiet evening.

I considered a dose for the dog, but maybe I should save the last pill for myself. It's enough to make you wish for a tranquilizer gun. Sheesh.

Home at Last


Charlotte and Elaine came over for dinner, and while we were lounging it off in the library, Simon got caught in the trap. We brought him in, I dosed him with some Valium (the cure-all of the moment), and now he's running around the cat area, alternately eating and yelling.

Caught in the Act


We spotted Simon last night. He's been hanging out under the cottage next door, and apparently Mr. Crankypants who lives there felt no need to let us know that fact for, oh, a month.


We had a spirited chase through our neighbor's landscaping last night, then gave up when it was clear we would not catch him. I fed him some food from a distance, and this morning I went to the pound and borrowed a trap.


So far, he's eaten all the food I left in a little trail up to the entrance. I retreated indoors and check on it every now and then. He's pretty hungry looking, so I think he'll go in the trap sometime this afternoon when he thinks the coast is clear.

Gratuitous Dog Photo


Rosie would like you all to know that she is tired of all this relentless home improvement, and she would like that lake to come back so she can play stick.