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Lumpy Cat

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Simon in the sun

This is Simon. Simon has cancer. We had a tumor removed from one of his boobs last year and at the time the vet said that it might already have metastasized, and that has proven to be true; the tumor came back and lately he's been coughing a lot, too.

There are options for treating cats with cancer, but in this case they aren't right for us (us being the combination of me, Noel, and Simon). Rather than put an elderly, skittish kitty through a lot of surgeries and treatment (which he hates more than anything) we are trying to keep him comfortable and letting the disease take its course. When it gets to be bad for him, we will have him put down.

He now has an enormous tumor. It's under his left front leg, and you can sort of see it bulging here. He seems mostly comfortable except the tumor seems to get in the way of his lounging. I may take him to the vet this weekend to get some pain pills, because he's starting to act a little achy which means he is a lot achy.

This is the last cat we get Ana. When Mikey died, we got her Simon because she was inconsolably lonely. But this time she will have to just Get Over It, because there is a limit to the number of cat graves I want to dig in the back yard in the next few years.


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The sunbeam is slowly moving away from Simon. Too bad, because he's looking really suave right there.

Simon in the sunbeam

Two Loaves

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Just a second or two before I took this photo, they were touching.

Goldie and Simon curled up in bed together

Three Across

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Simon joins the morning lounge time with the doggies.

Rosie, Goldie, and Simon

Soccer Ball

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Simon has gained some weight on his new food.

Happy Simon

He's resumed his original spherical shape, but his coat is much better, so we're dealing with it.

Spherical Simon

Cats on the Bed

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This afternoon the cats were hanging out on the bed together. Ana was being remarkably tolerant.

Simon and Ana

Simon was feeling very lovey. He really wanted to get right into the camera and drool.


Not Interested

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Simon disdains attention when it comes from the camera lens rather than a scritchy hand.



Well, I guess Simon has readjusted to being an indoor kitty.


Ana is still sleeping in the laundry or the dog bed in protest.

House of Yelling


So Simon is back. Which means that in the last 24 hours, the house has been filled with him yowling, or Ana yelling at him, or Rosie barking at both of them.

He was so much more pleasant last night after the dose of Valium that I gave him another one this evening, when the yelling resumed (because it was that or strangle him). He's wide awake, but the Valium really takes the edge off his anxieties.

And because Ana was also driving me nuts by following him around and being bitchy, I gave her some, too, for good measure. She kept us up all night yelling, so this should make for a nice, quiet evening.

I considered a dose for the dog, but maybe I should save the last pill for myself. It's enough to make you wish for a tranquilizer gun. Sheesh.

Home at Last


Charlotte and Elaine came over for dinner, and while we were lounging it off in the library, Simon got caught in the trap. We brought him in, I dosed him with some Valium (the cure-all of the moment), and now he's running around the cat area, alternately eating and yelling.

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