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Most Favoured Chicken

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OK, so Liza won the egg race (she didn't lay another one today, but let's give the girl a break). But that's not why she's the new front-runner in the Most Favoured Chicken contest. No, that is because this evening the girls were out for Chicken Exercise hour and in five minutes she devoured twenty or so snails (I think the egg laying is making her more adventurous about her food). The other girls were ignoring them, still, so this was a big suckup move.

Everybody admire Liza!

I immediately went and gathered several snails for her from the hydrangeas. I see a much less-chewed garden in my future.

All Grown Up

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Noel called me at work to tell me that the chickens were all worked up and Liza was fussing around in the nest box (she actually knocked the back off and was in the shed at one point, so there was quite a bit of rambunctiousness). Then there was this:

Liza's first egg

Our first egg. Funny blue speckles on it -- maybe she'll end up laying bluish eggs, or maybe not. And they will probably get bigger as she lays more often. Nothing's perfect the first time. But this weekend the pancakes will be a little closer to home.

Joan was also acting weird but apparently did not produce an egg, so we may get two tomorrow.


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Goldie has a birthday apple!

Wrinkly nose