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We bought our fish the most awesome ever toy. It is a light-up volcano with bubble action. This photo shows it looking sort of so-so:

Volcano in action

But this captures the "OMG, the aquarium is on fire!!" cognitive dissonance of the volcano best:

Aquarium fire!

The live effect of the volcano is somewhere in between the two photos. It is mighty fine.

The fish are, predictably, scared out of their ever-living minds at the thing, and have been trying desperately to swim away from it. But soon they will come to appreciate the volcano and we can all be happy.

Edited to add:

Goodbye, Ted

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On Wednesday we said goodbye to our dear buddy Ted, who was only five years old and had lymphoma. That morning he didn't want to get up, and could hardly be enticed to move, even with the offer of one of his favourite things: a visit to our yard to play with Rosie.

Ted was a good boy, an enormous sweetheart of a dog who could be a pain in the butt, but was very dear to us. He loved to come over and look at the chickens, who fascinated him.

Ted and Carole

And he felt very at home in our house, from numerous daylong play sessions on weekends to the occasional overnight stay (when his people had a baby, and when they went on vacation).

Ted, thinking

At the very end he was sad and sick and miserable, and we're all glad that at least he didn't have to suffer.

Ted, sad

We've agreed that Ted will be buried in our yard, once his ashes are returned. I chose the spot by the gate where he always peed as he arrived. The gate meant good things for Ted: coming into the yard to play at the beginning of the day, and leaving to go home and eat and lie down after a long day of fun.