March 2002 Archives

At the Park

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We took Rosie to the park in the morning for a good long exercise period. Noel worked with her on heeling and sits and downs, while I coached. I also took the camera to get some pictures of the park.

Rosie in the car as we drive to the park.

Rosie has a drink from the water bottle

Rosie sits for Noel in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

Rosie does the treat on the nose trick for me

She particularly likes this mud puddle

Rosie explores the channel under the bridge. She's not so sure about swimming yet

Noel pats Rosie after she gets out of the water

Rosie runs free on the grass at Battery Point

Rosie wades at the beach

Rosie tries to retrieve the tire sidewall in the water

It was an exceptionally clear and sunny day

Rosie and Noel in front of the Golden Gate at the beach

Rosie attacks a large piece of driftwood

Success! She gets the tire!

Rosie poses on the driftwood pile

Quiet Day at Home

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I had to wait for a phone screen at home today, so Rosie had a practise day for being in the crate for a long period.

Rosie next to her comparison block

Rosie likes to lie down to chew on things

The sun has been particularly bright lately

Rosie kicks some bamboo butt

Rosie chews on a rose pruning