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Rosie is getting better at sitting nicely on the porch while I do things out front. This means I can leave the front door open, because the dog keeps the cats indoors. But it will be better when we get a screen door made for our doorway.


Sad Pup


For the last several days, Rosie has had The Poops. Something she picked up at doggie daycare, I think. Anyway, we've finally decided to stop hoping it goes away, and I'm going to skip math tomorrow to take care of her. She needs to use the yard about every four hours. More than that, and she has an accident.

Also, PineSol now has this wonderful new formula where the dirt doesn't stay dissolved, but falls to the bottom of the bucket. Very nice.

Puddle Dog

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We took Rosie to the park for one last puddle dunk before the water disappears altogether. She was a bit distractable, but seemed to have a good time. It wasn't as good as the other day when she played catch for half an hour, but it was pretty good.