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Photographic Evidence

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I was too tired last night to upload these photos, so today you get to see the results of a long day of driving.

Times Two

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Since we got back to the US, my life has been a long dog-related adventure.

First we drove, deeply jetlagged, up to West Sacramento to pick up Rosie from Dog Camp. Then this morning I got up extra early and drove to Klamath Falls, Oregon, to get Goldie, the New Dog.

It was a long, stress-fart-scented drive home. I give Goldie full props for being really good natured for the whole thing, given that I just sort of showed up and took her. But every hour or so she would get terribly restless and I'd stop to give her a run around out of the car, which she really needed. She also took well to big hugs. I'm sure it doesn't help that she's just weaned her puppies and is shedding like crazy and sort of hormonal.

Anyway, she is now crated and barking her head off in dissatisfaction at that state. But she was so stressed out by the house (and learning about staircases!) that I didn't want her to go into overload. In a minute I will be joining her (in the bedroom, not in the crate) because I'm really really tired.

Actually, as soon as she's quiet for five minutes I may take her outside to be sure she doesn't need to use the yard (not sooner, or she'll learn that barking gets her out of the crate). She had a drink of water and a little bit of peanut butter, but was uninterested in dinner.