May 2005 Archives

Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud


We were going to get another dog this summer, from the same breeder we got Rosie from. But tragically, that dog died suddenly. She offered us a younger dog who basically just needs a good home with patience and love to help her through some issues, but with the house under construction we didn't think that was a good idea (the younger dog doesn't have a good recall yet, and we don't have fences right now). So instead we'll be getting a dog in October.

Bathing Beauty


We bought Rosie a new pool today: a watering trough for cows or horses, made of a nice heavy plastic that can stand up to being in direct sunlight for extended periods. Also, with a punchout for a little bunghole to drain it. We brought it back to the place in SLO to test it out.

Entirely Hollow


Rosie came down with me this week, to have a bit of a vacation by the beach and keep me company, chiefly because I have been very homesick lately. When Rosie is down in SLO, I usually let her sleep on the bed with me (she's SPOILED ROTTEN, I tell you). She's learned how to lie next to me all nice and comfy, with her head on my shoulder, which we both like quite a bit.

The only thing I haven't been able to teach her to do is wake me up in some manner other than smacking me in the face with her paws while yawning and stretching and making her happy morning noises. So I was up at 5:30 this morning, thanks to the canine.

She's also on a slightly reduced food diet, because with no yard she's not been getting as much exercise and has put on a bit of weight. So the last couple of days she has really known when it is dinner time, and been quite clear about the fact that she's STARVING TO DEATH. Poor thing. Tonight I told her that if she stopped smacking me in the face first thing in the morning, I'd consider giving her an extra half scoop of food. She burped dog-food burps at me, which is I think a way of saying, "I'll agree to anything for food."