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Tramp Stamp

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Goldie gets a tramp stamp

Goldie's not too clear on what exactly a tramp stamp is, but she's trying.

Cats in a Tree

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I've never been a cat tree person, but you can consider me a convert. When Schwa came home with us, he came with a tree, and he loves it to tiny pieces. So when we added Henry Pudding (because he sometimes looks like Henry VIII and sometimes looks like a plum pudding), we used the extra-fancy coupon that came with him to get him a tree of his own that wasn't all Schwa'd over.

Schwa in the cat tree

Not that that kept Mr. Kitty from enjoying it, of course. There are no real possessions in cat-land.

Henry and the cat tree

But Henry uses the tree quite a bit, often at the same time as Schwa.

Schwa getting ready to swipe

And Schwa, being an idiot, shows very little common sense about how much bigger than him Henry is.

Henry could take you on, one paw tied behind his back

One minute later, Schwa wapped at Henry and Henry got him back. Don't mess with Henry.

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