All Catted Up

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On Friday we went to the SPCA in Oakland to look for a kitten for Schwa. Somebody with high energy and an urge for play that will meet his particular playing needs.

And, well, we came home with two kittens, because we found one who was perfect for Schwa and the other one was just adorable in her own right.

Dot and Dash on my lap

That's Dot on top, Dash on the bottom.

Dot is Dot because she has this cute little chest blaze:


Dash is Dash because he never sits still:

Dash and Dot wrestling

(That's the two of them wrestling.)

Now the re-catting of the household is over, thank you very much. I believe we are at twice as many cats as I originally planned on ending up with.


I'm always telling myself that I'm not going to get more cats when mine are gone but OMG they are so cute :) I love having sibling cats too.

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