It's Dogs on a Beach!

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I forgot an important thingie at home, so Noel drove down to bring it to me. He also brought me dogs:

There was great scampering and splashing.

Rosie scampering

But both dogs were in the water. Goldie is now very experienced at splashing around.

Two dogs in the water

Even if sometimes she is not quite as graceful as Rosie.


She's all enthusiasm for a nice swim in icy water, though.

Wet Goldie

With obvious side effects.

Goldie shakes

Rosie doesn't manage to get quite as dramatic with the ear flopping.

Rosie wiggling

And after a visit to the beach, what could be better than a nice friendly wrestle with Rosie's favourite San Luis Obispo doggie friend, Naga?

Rosie and Naga

(Naga was hit by a car and just had his bandages off last week, so we're being extra gentle with him while he recovers, but he's SOOOOOO happy to see Rosie.)

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