Even More Animals

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Today we got a magical package in the mail.

Magical package

You can watch my unboxing video:

And perhaps a tour of the contents? Some for us, some for the neighbors, but we will raise them together until they are old enough to live outside. Do they have names yet? No, they do not. We'll be casting around for female singer names for a bit, I think.

Here's a Barred Rock (neighbors):

Barred Rock

Another Barred Rock (also neighbors):

Barred Rock #2

Silver-Laced Wyandotte (us):

Silver-Laced Wyandotte

And 3 Easter-Eggers (us or them, undecided):

Easter Egger #1

Easter Egger #2

Easter Egger #3

They enjoyed exploring their aquarium habitat

Chicks in their habitat

And now some movies, because they're so cute at this age that movies are best:


I am constantly amazed and impressed that you have turned Casa Decrepit into an urban homestead complete with farm animals. I know a lot of cities wouldn't let you do that.

The chicks are soooo cute!

Well, Alameda is really a very green city. We are right at sea level and very very aware of the perils of global warming. But it's not all farming wonderland here: they won't let us have a goat. When that happens the urban farming revolution will be in full swing.

They are sooo cute!

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