Yesterday we took Rosie to the beach at Morro Bay to play. We do this every time she and Noel come down to visit, and she loves it more than anything. So much so that she refuses to do her business anywhere else, because she wants to force us to take her there sooner out of concern for her insides. A little later today, she and I will go back, because although Noel left this morning (to get to an afternoon gig in Sebastapol), Rosie stayed behind to spend the next couple days with me before I go home for Thanksgiving break.

You want pictures, you say? Allow me to oblige.


The beach itself is fairly calm, freezing cold as all California beaches North of LA are, and relatively quiet, because the surf doesn't get high enough to be attractive to that crowd.


Most of the time, Rosie just runs back and forth, in and out of the water (she likes shallow water) and stopping now and then to sniff piles of seaweed.


But every now and then another dog comes along, and they play together.


Or she sees some birds take flight and runs along with them, until the water gets too deep to run in.


We always seem to arrive at the beach as the tide is going out, so we get to see all sorts of lovely little temporary tide pools, which will drain as the tide gets lower. But when the ocean is still high enough, they are full of water and sparkle.

tide pool

There's been a huge offshore flow lately, with strong winds that have reshaped the beach. They made these ripples in the dunes just above the high tide mark, and it was recent enough that nobody had walked on them yet. We walked around them.

sand ripples

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