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All About Pod Thing


We've wrapped up the cardboard object exercise in studio, and the final step was to make a portfolio page about the project. I've been working on my portfolio this summer, anyway, for the internship program in the fall, so the only thing I had to do was decide which of the photos I took would work best. But here, I can use them all.

We started with an item from nature with a structural system. I found these seeds, encased in a hard protective shell.


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Pod Thing in Space


Our latest assignment was to make an abstract painting based on some of the ideas behind our model, and inspired by a famous painting. I based mine on Arthur Dove's Forhorns, which is one of my favourite abstract expressionist paintings.

It's a bit hard to see the beauty of the surface on the web. But suffice it to say that I am very happy with how this turned out.

Pod Thing in Space

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Pod Thing Lives!


Yesterday afternoon, Noel took off for a gig and I attacked my beach ball.

Beach Ball

First I would like to say that it takes quite a lot of air to inflate a 48" beach ball (it ended up being more like 35" diameter when inflated). I spent most of Friday blowing it up, with the help of our roommate's bike pump.

I borrowed the dog pool and made a vat of flour paste, and began work.

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Pod Thing


We're working on an interesting little project in design, although it manages to be interesting while also being a project I was hoping to avoid in my later years of architecture school.

Here's where I started:

Red balloon

See, I told you it was interesting.

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Red Card

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Hey, I just got kicked out of my final exam in Farmer Class. No, not for brawling or cheating or anything really interesting. The teacher just went around and picked off everybody he was sure was going to get an A on the exam, wrote the grade on our tests and kicked us out.

Brawling would make a better story, to be sure.

Oh, and: the irony? When he did it, I was struggling with converting gallons to cubic inches because it was 7am and I was half awake (and hadn't had breakfast).

Some Stuff


1. We had our final crit yesterday in studio, and for the first time this year, I felt really good about my project and really ready to be critiqued. And I feel like it shows in the project itself, if that's possible. I still need to tweak it before I turn it in next week, but it really only needs tweaking, nothing more.

2. I am signed up for studio over the summer, plus two construction classes for my minor. That means I don't get much of a summer break, but I'm on the accelerated track to graduate December 2007, which is a very good thing.

3. It was 85 degrees here today, and I am dying. I am so overheated that my hands are sweating. That is just wrong. Did I really just sign up to stay here for the whole summer?

4. I just started 36 plantlets from my Mother Fern. So if you want a little Mother Fern in the fall, let me know, because I only want a few of these, but it seemed like a waste to not plant up more of them. For those of you who don't know, Mother Ferns are 24-30" tall ferns that produce little plantlets on the fronds (rather than making spores) that you can pot up and grow into new plants. Eventually the fronds get so weighted down by the plantlets that it's a good idea to remove them or the whole frond because the fern starts looking really sloppy. If you grow them outside, the frond will fall to the ground on its own and the plantlets will root themselves around the original plant, but mine is in a pot. Anyhow, they should be large enough to move around by September. They make good potted plants in shade, and in the Bay Area they can grow in the ground, though they will need rich soil.

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