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Howdy Do


Everybody else I know is all worked up about Thanksgiving and how stressful it is going to be, but it's my favourite holiday of the year (secular, all about eating, what's there not to love?) so I'm not listening. Besides, we're doing another all-labrador Thanksgiving with some friends, so there will be eating and doggy love, too. Tomorrow I have the day off my internship and I am staying home baking cake and trying to think of something creative to do with some vegetables. Oh, and I might just do something with these guys:

Rose hips

Yup: rose hips. I'm not sure I picked them at the right time: we don't get killing frosts here so it's kind of hard to gauge. But I do know what to do with them: clean them, remove the seeds and core out the nasty spiny bits in the center, boil until soft, make into jelly. Mmm-mmm. Next year I will have to make lavender jelly, too. Those subtle herbal jellies are just stunning.

Oh, and here's Noel's new sweetheart. There's been a lot of musical instrument love here, lately, but this one takes the cake. This is a very nice piano that we got for nothing more than the cost of moving it. Noel has been very happy about it.

New piano (better photo)

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Working at the Laundry


So, let me tell you about how the internship is going. (Our building is a former laundry.)

Short story: very well. If they offered me a job here after school, I would be hard pressed to be able to say no.

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I Am Still Knitting That Sweater


I haven't posted about it much lately because it's going along very slowly: a few rows on the bus every day, that sort of thing. Also, I keep disliking it and raveling.

Today I put it on some waste yarn and tried it on (the real benefit of the top-down method), and I'm not sure I quite like the shaping but I think it is workable.

Sweater in progress

The yarn is really droopy, which is throwing me off. I think I will get down to the waist and see if it still bothers me how the bust increases and decreases fall.

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