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More Weaving Workshop


OK, so when I bought the rigid heddle loom I told myself I had to learn to really use it, and not just for knotted pile. It's fairly expensive, a couple hundred dollars, and that's more than is reasonable for a single-use tool that is not a deep fryer.

(Deep fryers are totally worth it. TOTALLY.)

So I signed up to take a class with Syne Mitchell this weekend at CNCH (Conference of Northern California Handweavers; we shared the convention center with some kids doing some kind of ninja thing and a coin/stamp collector group).

Leno, Brooke's Bouquet, and filet

The class was pretty intense.

In the first part of the class, we did lace techniques. This sample is a couple sizes of leno weaving (more on that in a second) on the bottom, then a row of Brooke's Bouquet (looks like sheaves of wheat in boxes), then a couple rows of a modified Brooke's Bouquet which ends up being more like filet.

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Home Again


After leaving Michigan, we got back on the road home. The weather was pretty bad when we left Howell, but by the time we got to Indiana, it was clear and sunny. We stopped in at a gun store/fishing emporium to do some shopping.

What on earth would two peacenik commies want from a gun shop? Why, fiber arts tools and supplies, of course. Like this reloading scale, perfect for measuring out dye powder.

Reloading scale

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