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Finally in Maine!


Finally in Maine!, originally uploaded by festiva_maxima.

And my phone is working again!

Things That Make Me Cranky


1. Spending three hours to go four miles in Chicago, because the Good Citizens of Indiana don't want to pay enough in taxes to maintain their roads above third-world conditions. There's no excuse for how badly the closed interstate was handled: five cones and a blinking arrow sign dumping you onto city streets with no detour signs. And come on, how long does it take to pump the water off the road? Not three hours, to be sure.

Closed interstate in Indiana

We lost a total of one and half days of time to delays like this, and this one was so bad that we ran out of time and just could not stop for the night. We ended up cat-napping in a truck stop and getting to my parents' house exhausted and filthy. But we got there.

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Very Slowly Across America


OK, so that was kind of a terrible few days of driving.

The road work in Utah delayed us half a day, so we'd driven late into the night Friday to make up for it. By the time we got near Chicago on Saturday evening, we thought we were good to get into Ithaca on time for dinner Sunday evening with my godparents.

Of course, before that, we had to stop at the WORLD'S LARGEST TRUCKSTOP, run by some sort of fundamentalists with all sorts of Jesus stuff all over the place. Because all good Christians believe in making a buck off the savior.

World's Largest Truckstop

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I-80 leaving Chicago is FLOODED. What kind of 3rd world country has rain in the summer, anyway?

Jammed up highway

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Across America


We woke up this morning in Lincoln, Nebraska. Which is a good thing because that is where we went to sleep last night, or rather earlier this morning. We would be much further along the road, after two days of travel, if it were not for this:

In line with road work

No, not the appallingly filthy windshield, but the long delays for road work. It took us three hours to get out of Utah: a distance of about 70 miles. And while Wyoming and most of Nebraska have been faster, they have also had their share of ridiculously long stretches of construction and lower speeds.

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Dinner in Nevada


Dinner in Nevada, originally uploaded by festiva_maxima.


Dog Jumble


Image004.jpg, originally uploaded by festiva_maxima.


On the road!


On the road!, originally uploaded by festiva_maxima.


The End of Summer


Well, the end of Summer Quarter, at least. Tomorrow, or later today if one is strictly technical about the time, we have our final review of the quarter, then Thursday we do our quarterly exit interviews. This evening I pinned up my posters and spent some time finishing my models -- I have to get some tape to finish putting my posters up but that will be easily accomplished tomorrow morning.

As you can see, the posters are drooping on the end, because the wall material changes and it's impossible to set tacks into the corner where they need to end.

Final crit setup

I need to spend some time thinking about my setup for these crits: it'd be nice to be able to take up less space with posters. Because posters are a major pain to hang. Anyway. Plenty of time to think about that in the next few weeks.

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Cutting Plastic is Endless

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There's no artful way to say it, and if there were, I'm too tired to come up with it. Cutting plastic on the laser cutter takes forever. Here's the laser cutter in action on some 1/16" acrylic. This much cutting took two hours, and as you can see in the photo the plastic curled from the heat.

Sloooooow laser cutting

I spent three sessions on plastic cutting and got, well, barely anything actually done. That sucked. Of course, had I been trying to make this stuff by hand I would be nowhere near as done as I am, but that is small consolation.

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Making Complex Models


So what the heck am I doing with all that laser-cut stuff, anyway? Here's a little view of one piece of the stuff I've been assembling. My next iteration will have vellum screening glued onto the backs of the inner pieces. Maybe I should spray paint it black, too.

Study piece

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More Laser Cutting


I've now done a couple more sessions on the laser cutters at Techshop, this time using the Helix. Big, big difference. The Helix can cut the material the first time! Without torching it!

Tedious details follow:

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