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All or Nothing


I've been noticing lately that I get creative spurts that come on all at once. Lately I've been working on my final project for design, but I've also been planning a sweater (I've given up on patterns; they drive me nuts and are often wrong; if I have to do all the work anyway, I'll design exactly what I want), working on a garden design for the far-off future when we have a yard again, and designing three web pages.

Maybe I need to work on spacing this out a bit better.

Studio Goings-On


Um, so. We've been doing a lot of stuff in studio and professional practice. This leads to me just not posting much because there's enough going on that it seems like there's too much to post every day, but then again, at the end of the week there's an even huger pile of stuff to talk about. So I'm going to skip some stuff and you will have to trust me that it was not all that interesting, anyway.

End of the Ritual Space Project


I don't know where my obsession with anthropomorphic buildings has come from, lately, but as I said, I've been designing this ritual space for architecture for the last few weeks. On Wednesday we had our crit (we have six more to get through today).

We had to do a series of drawings, a slice model, and a detailed model called a fragment.

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