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Drawing Around Campus


We were on conte crayons for the last few weeks in studio, and I find it hard to find good subjects for conte crayon, which really wants you to draw things with lots of texture and not lots of fiddly bits. I draw the fiddly bits best.

So I spent a few afternoons wandering around campus finding decent buildings to draw. I think they came out pretty nicely, overall. I was playing with negative and positive a bit in some of them, but I don't know if you'd be able to tell where without standing in front of the building in question.

Mott Gym

Mott Gym

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Ethics and Education


I went in to talk to the graduate business school about the Architectural Management Track program this week, and the short summary is that I left the meeting deeply dissatisfied with the answers I got to my very specific questions about the level of actual architectural content in the program.

But that's not what I have been thinking about from that conversation. Instead, I keep thinking about a comment the associate dean made to me about "double counting": he alleges that credits received for one degree should not be used to count for credit for another. That doing so is, in fact, unethical. I think he's wrong, and I think the way that he is wrong is what is wrong with business education today.

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Beady Little Eyes


I try not to anthropomorphize, but sometimes it is hard to avoid.

Cute mountain

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More Drawings

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Noel fixed my scanning problem (Image Capture only wants to work in one specific directory, forcing me to leave all my applications in a big jumbly pile instead of nicely sorted out by usage). So I've been scanning my weekly drawings. I've had a bit of a week this week so I didn't do two drawings (I'll do four for next week), but to make up for that I had a backlog of unscanned drawings.

A couple of weeks ago we did our last pencil drawings. I did two drawings of buildings on campus. This one is an office building beyond the stadium. It's an older building, in the fake-Mission style that is so popular in this area.

Office Building

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