Less Than Sixteen Hours to Go

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Our presentations begin tomorrow at 1pm. I'm home now for a brief dinner break, then back to the studio to finish this model. As of 6:30:

Night before the big presentation

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Good luck! And don't forget to video Godzilla or a Giant Tuxedo Cat walking through the city when its all over.

I think Stalin would heartily approve!

[edited to add: posted from IP Have at him, folks!]

You think so, Bill? I always had Stalin pegged as more into the Brutalist movement than a proponent of megastructures, but I guess you would know better than I would, right?

Best of luck, I hope that your presentation went well.

Holy cats, that is one serious model. Looks amazing. (And makes my old theater set design foam-core models look like legos by comparison.)

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