The Model That Ate California

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Well, not quite, but it is getting quite large. Here it is just before I broke off work for the night tonight:

The model that ate my desk, at least

(It's rotated from the last shot, because I was working on the other side of it and crawling around on my classmate's desk was getting inconvenient.)

As you can see: lots of little towers clustered together. This afternoon as I was working I realized I'd failed to cut enough of the towers, due to a stupid calculation error. So tomorrow afternoon I'll be making a mad dash back up to Menlo Park for a quick cutting session; I hope that will get me enough pieces to finish.

Here you can see the missing towers, off to the left. All the other towers are assembled and placed on the model. (You can also see my printed cheat sheet for placing them.)

Closer view of the model

I still don't know how the roof works over the parts that are not the towers. In the upper right you can sort of see where the roof is starting to take form, but there's another layer of materiality to add to this before it's really solid.

And now to work on my major section. Fun!

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Once you are done, I think it'd be fun to buy a Godzilla doll and put it on strings and have a small group of people do a video close to the ground of what it would look like to have Godzilla visit the facility. We could add some toy cars and little people figurines and, um, ooh, a CAT instead of Godzilla! Attack of the 50 Foot Tuxedo Cat!

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