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I feel like I've been working on this model forever. Last week I realized that trying to make it at 1/8" scale like my teacher wanted would be very bad (the model would be larger than our display space). I switched to 1/16" scale, but that meant I lost a week of work on the thing.

I still don't know how I'm going to build the interstitial spaces that are less structured. I don't even know how to draw them quite yet. But I do have a lot of these:

Tower viewed from the ground

That's the from-the-sidewalk view of one of the structural towers. They're sort of "ivory towers" for the building: where labs and offices and collaborative workspaces are located. The space around them is more casual, more for interaction and collaboration rather than hard work.

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Here's what the tower looks like alone. These are then grouped into florets of two or three to make a working cluster. I have two shapes: this larger flowery one and a smaller, rectangular one.

Large tower

They are all cut out, so the last few days I have been obsessively gluing them together. On some the gluing job is not so good, but mostly it works good enough for a large model.

Piles of glued up towers

I still have about 17 of the large towers to glue together: that is my task for tomorrow. Then they get placed on the base and glued down.

Tower pieces

And here, my accomplishment for the day, is the base. Three feet by four feet, with handles on the short sides for positioning. I have a black felt skirt to go around it, but I still need to figure out some way to attach rolling wheels or a tea cart or something to the bottom for portability. And of course, how to get it out of the studio once the model is attached? My classmates have encroached on the aisles so there is only 18 inches of space unless you can go vertically.



You know, you could sell that to a special effects house after you're done with school. It looks like something they'd use in a Godzilla movie.

Special effects houses usually want models of buildings that actually exist. And they work at a different sort of scale. But, uh, thanks I guess.

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