Happy Weekend


I spent the weekend in Alameda, which was absolutely marvelous. For one thing, there's so much more to do there. On Saturday John and I spent the afternoon painting his bedroom. We did the final glaze coat of red over the yellow, and now the room is a very saturated orangy colour, which is pretty much what John wanted in the room. It'll look better when the room is full of stuff, too.

In the evening, Noel and I went to dinner at Chris and George's house, where Noel got to play their incredibly quiet clavichord, an instrument so quiet that they can play it at three in the morning without fearing waking their neighbors, which is pretty good since the neighbors can hear the harpsichord, and I've always thought of that as a "considerate neighbor" kind of instrument. I'm so glad we don't share any walls with our neighbors, because sometimes we are up until two knocking things down and moving furniture around or whatever, and it would really put a crimp in our destructive lifestyle to have to be considerate of people who want to sleep at night.

On Sunday, Charlotte and Elaine came over for brunchy thing and hanging out, which was very nice indeed. It's so wonderful to talk to people who have more to talk about than what they've seen on TV.

Simon was all scabby and gross, so when I left to go back to school (I had to meet with my statics lab partner to build and calculate loads for a mobile), Noel took him to the vet (verdict: allergic to fleas, which were apparently acquired on the sojourn under the neighbor's house; treatment: flea drops all around). It was hard to leave to go back to school. I love getting to study architecture in more depth, and I'm really enjoying my classes, but I wish I could do it while living at home. On the other hand, I'm getting a much better and more valuable education here than I could get at either of the local architecture schools.

I went from the car to my studio and worked there until after eight, then headed back to my room and set up the TV my landlady is storing in my room, thinking there might be something decent on (nope). I'm super tired today for whatever reason, so I'm going to get to sleep earlier than I was last week (when I was going to bed after midnight most nights, ugh). I'm going to have a busy week this week, so I need to be careful to stay well rested.

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