Giving Thanks


I was going to write a gripey, amusing little post today about the speed limits in San Luis Obispo, but I realized that what I want to write about, really, is everything I have to be thankful for. This is my week for giving thanks, after all the horrors of last week, which I will write about later.

This evening I went and bought a bunch of chocolate and some sherry that turns out to absolutely flavourless, and as I was walking out of Trader Joe's, I felt warm and happy at the thought of going home to my new apartment, which I have all by myself with no weird rules about the blinds and no film of grunge all over the kitchen. It started out miserable today, but the weather turned nice and sunny and warm, and it's a lovely evening.

I love having Trader Joe's nearby. Not that we don't have one even closer to us in Alameda, but the fact is that supermarkets cannot compete with TJ's on frozen food, especially prepared foods like their frozen lasagne, which comes in a pan that can be put in the oven -- critical for people like me who don't have anything in the kitchen yet except for a package of foil pie pans. Noel will be bringing me kitchen stuff next weekend, but until then I've bought some delicious prepared foods, not too much because they need to fit in the miniscule freezer, but enough for the week.

And flavourless sherry. Did I mention the sherry? I love being able to sit down in my living room while supper heats up in the oven, and drink flavourless sherry out of a disposable cup WHILE WEARING SHOES. I've been wearing shoes a lot the last few days, too. I like shoes.

Also, I peed with the bathroom door open this evening, just because I could. Heck, I can't even do that in Alameda, not unless I want to give John a shock.

I came home and it was quiet and warm, and I put my name on the mailbox. I ordered phone service and DSL today, too, which should start tomorrow and next Tuesday, respectively. Of course, it would help if I had a phone to plug into that service, wouldn't it? But not having stuff to fill my apartment, tools to make things more convenient, that doesn't matter, because I'm so happy to be where I am right now.

So the first thing I am thankful for in this week of thanks is personal freedom. More tomorrow.

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