What's In Your Bag?

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I was browsing around, eating lunch and reading the news, when I came across this little gem. It seems that the average British woman is carrying A purse with a total value of over $1,000.

I thought that seemed a bit high, but then I considered the impact of a couple gadgets like a camera phone and a Palm, and I realized how quickly the total could grow. So I stopped for a moment to consider what I carry in the student version of a purse: my backpack.

Lesse, we have the laptop, which is about $2,500. Software: $2,000. iPod: $300. 40GB of songs on iPod: $sheesh. Graphing calculator: $100. Drawing tools: $100. Textbooks: $400. Phone: $300.

That's over $4,000, not including notebooks and pens and other assorted crap I might be carrying. I can't even say that it'd be an unusual day for me to be carrying all that, because that's pretty much what I've got to pack onto campus with me every day this year.

Well, at least now you know who to rob.


Okay, what comment is the police guy yakking about? I couldn't find it. And if he's talking about customer service where you think you're contacting Idaho and get Bejing......well, I'm sure you're right!

Well, somebody who signs himself the "Idiot Police" and gives a bogus e-mail address is not exactly the brightest star in the universe. You can't expect him to be able to read.


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