House of Yelling


So Simon is back. Which means that in the last 24 hours, the house has been filled with him yowling, or Ana yelling at him, or Rosie barking at both of them.

He was so much more pleasant last night after the dose of Valium that I gave him another one this evening, when the yelling resumed (because it was that or strangle him). He's wide awake, but the Valium really takes the edge off his anxieties.

And because Ana was also driving me nuts by following him around and being bitchy, I gave her some, too, for good measure. She kept us up all night yelling, so this should make for a nice, quiet evening.

I considered a dose for the dog, but maybe I should save the last pill for myself. It's enough to make you wish for a tranquilizer gun. Sheesh.

I spent most of my day making the laptop have all the software it needed on it, and then backing up the images stored on the old PC to CDs, which Noel will put on the house server when it's installed and ready. I've also got a bunch of diskettes that need transferring, but we're going to have to locate a computer with an 800k disk drive in it, because none of the drive we have can read those disks. And I went through all the disks that had various backed up bits of stuff on them from various job-leaving instances, so I got to throw a bunch of stuff away, both physical disks and lots of redundant or obsolete files from the disks.

In case you wonder why I wasn't working on plaster all day, it's because I spent the morning doing that, and the plaster is still drying. So there. Also, Noel got all bossy with me about switching to use the laptop, which I've been avoiding because, frankly, I hate laptops and laptop keyboards, and especially laptop pointing devices. But the program wanted me to have a laptop, so a laptop I have, stupid asinine useless touchpad pointing device and all. And I'm evening writing this entry from it, so there. One task completed today was getting all the software I need installed on the laptop, and that is done.

I'm still irritated that the wireless network in the house is inaccessible in the library, so I basically have to sit at my desk to do anything on the network, which kind of defeats the purpose of the laptop, doesn't it?

Tomorrow I have to go buy scads of combination locks. I generally prefer key locks, and I already have several of those keyed to the same key. I like keys because you can give somebody access to the lock and then take it away, but the department requires combination locks because they want to keep your combination on file. So combination locks it is. I should also buy a bike lock, but the bike's not going to be ready until John gets back, anyway, so no big rush.

Other than that, the sheer enormity of moving a drawing studio 250 miles south finally did sink in today as I went a-plundering for something in the accordion room. This should be interesting.

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