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If you want a lot of food, and don't care much about quality (of food or the experience), The Apple Farm is the place for you. Located just off Route 101 in San Luis Obispo, this feeding farm seems to go on forever. The menu is decently varied, for an American restaurant, though everything is wildly overpriced as is typical in San Luis Obispo.

As long as you stick to very basic things, and avoid any dish that might require real skill in the making, you'll be OK, though the value is not really there. We got seated in a room with a large family party, which really added to the ambiance of the evening: small children yelling and running around as we tried to have an adult conversation. It was as if we had offended the host or something.

Nothing was particularly bad, although the pot pie needed salt desperately, and the burger was, well, just a burger. Just be sure to avoid the decaf (my cup smelled so bad that I was unable to think about drinking it, and I am nowhere near a coffee snob), and stick to the well-trodden path when it comes to dessert (go for the chocolate things; the cook has no idea how to deal with fruit).

Or you could drive a bit further into town and get sone very fine pizza at Woodstock's and avoid the overpriced tourist trap altogether.

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