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The Griddle, Winnemucca, Nevada


Good, basic home cooking is so easy to do and yet so hard to do fast and efficiently. One of the places that gets it right is The Griddle, in Winnemucca. We stopped there for breakfast on a recent road trip, and everything was right: the right number of seats so there wasn't a huge line, fast order-taking, speedy order-filling, and good food.

I had the California omelet (avocado, tomato, and cream cheese -- yum!) and a glass of fresh orange juice (made right in front of me in a squeezer contraption that is not to be missed). The eggs were done perfectly, the cheese was melted but the tomatoes were not soggy, the avocados could have been a bit riper but they were still avocados. Clearly, these people know how to put together an omelet.

So if you have to stop in Nevada, plan on making it Winnemucca and The Griddle.

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