I would not even have had programs at all had there not been some points where people needed to respond in the service. So I put together a quickie "here are your lines" program and printed it the night before the wedding. Everybody throws the damned things out, so I didn't want to spend too much time or effort making them.

Some Silliness

My biggest dumb gripe about weddings is that you always end up with fifteen minutes of sitting around with nothing to read, when you really ought not to be chatting or making a lot of noise. Even worse is trying to break the ice at the table when you've been seated. So I made little books for everybody to read. I scrounged around for funny quotes about marriage, sweet silly love poems, and some weird wedding customs and threw these together in two days. And of course, because I made a silly colophon for them, I eneded up running out of time and printed them on different paper and didn't sew them, so all my bookie friends and family noticed and made fun of me.