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December 31, 1969

Very Slowly Across America

OK, so that was kind of a terrible few days of driving.

The road work in Utah delayed us half a day, so we'd driven late into the night Friday to make up for it. By the time we got near Chicago on Saturday evening, we thought we were good to get into Ithaca on time for dinner Sunday evening with my godparents.

Of course, before that, we had to stop at the WORLD'S LARGEST TRUCKSTOP, run by some sort of fundamentalists with all sorts of Jesus stuff all over the place. Because all good Christians believe in making a buck off the savior.

World's Largest Truckstop

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Here we have the girls in the back seat, in their usual pose: Rosie lying on top of Goldie. They were very good with days and days in the car, not getting much time to move around.

Dogs in the back

Then we had this. Apparently the State of Indiana is really big on deferring infrastructure maintenance, because I-80 flooded and had to be closed down. Not only that, but they did absolutely nothing to deal with the resulting major traffic mess: five cones on the road and a flashing cone. No detour signs, nobody directing traffic, just five lanes of interstate traffic crawling along through a hideous merge for hours.

Indiana sucks

This is what you get when you refuse to pay for the services your state requires to operate, children. Taxes are a good thing. They pay for infrastructure.

So we didn't get to get any decent sleep Saturday night, because we spent all our time sitting in traffic (three hours to go four miles, and then we had to detour around to get onto a highway headed east). With all that lost time, we just had to drive on.

Then around eleven on Sunday morning, we drove into the rolling hills of upstate New York.

New York

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