Wedding Photo Proofs

These are some bad scans of the photographer's proofs. They're mainly so you can see what's happening in each photo, rather than for use as actual nice photos of the wedding, since that's a copyright violation and also totally not fair to our photographer. Roll and frame are identified so you can tell us which ones you like.

Roll 6: Ayse's makeup, decorating
Roll 4: Ayse getting dressed, preparation
Roll 10: Ayse getting dressed
Roll 15: Ceremony
Roll 16: Ceremony, continued
Roll 8: Hugs after the ceremony
Roll 9: Posed photos
Roll 1: Posed photos
Roll 17: Posed photos, back to reception
Roll 18: Guests and lots of kids
Roll 14: Guests, cake setup
Roll 2: Cake cutting
Roll 3: Cake eating
Roll 5: Portraits of guests
Roll 7: Portraits of guests, kids
Roll 11: Giving away favours, more guest pictures
Roll 12: Kids and guests
Roll 13: Ayse and Jon, baby-o-rama, more guest photos