Choosing a cake was easy: we made an appointment at Boniere Bakery in Alameda, showed up, and chose three flavours of cake (white with strawberry filling for the bottom layer, walnut with apple filling for the middle layer, and chocolate mousse cake for the top layer). Choosing a cake design was not so easy.

These are the cake designs we considered at one time or another:
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Finally I found a cake that I liked enough that I put my foot down and said we would have that one. Noel, fortunately, also like the design, and so it was:

The Cake Topper

I knew I wanted a cake topper, just because I love the look of them and the sort of campy appeal. Noel asked what I would do with it when the wedding was over, and I said I would put it on a shelf and look at it, and he sighed and agreed that I would do that.

It's really hard to find a non-cheesy cake topper. I was not interested in the usual 1980's revival swooshing pseudo-romantic couples, the idiotic groom-running-away, or anything that wasn't basically a couple standing next to each other.

After months of looking around for the perfect wedding cake topper that was neither too falsely romantic nor too glib, I was in the Sanrio store one day and saw these little guys: