Other Information

This is a jumble of miscellaneous information you may find useful. Or not. But this is where it is because none of it merits its own page.

Planning a vacation around our wedding

The Bay Area is lovely in June, so we actually recommend this. We'd love to have you come a week or two early, or stay a week or so after the wedding, and join us for dinner regularly, or just come over in the evening or on weekends and hang out. No, we will not be too stressed out by wedding planning.

Crash Space

On a related note, for perpetually broke grad students, we can help find either cheap motel or hostel rooms, or free accomodations either with us or with a friend of ours who has a spare room. This will generally require the gracious houseguest ritual of taking your host out to dinner one night, and keeping things clean, but that's a far cry cheaper than even one night at a Bay Area motel. Notice considerably in advance of your arrival date is required for crash space.


Smoking is not allowed at Fern Cottage, and is strongly discouraged at Kennedy Grove. Eucalyptus -- the predominant tree in the grove -- is highly inflammable, and June is fire season. If you're going to die without your fix, please be very careful about ashes, and don't stub out or leave butts on the ground.


The best gift you can give us is coming to our wedding. We're not setting up house for the first time, so it's not as if we're going to be eating off paper plates without dishes. That said, we did create registries at the following stores to make your life easier if you do want to buy us an actual present:

If you'd like to donate to a charity in our names, our two favourites are Habitat for Humanity and Planned Parenthood.